Always looking for improvements in sanitation and food safety, Artisan's Pride is one of the first "small volume" retailers to integrate a HACCP plan in Oklahoma, and the first business in Norman to include HACCP as part of their operation. 





USDA Developed by NASA to protect astronauts from food-borne illness, the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point or HACCP program ensures the safety of food products from ranch to receipt.  By avoiding contaminants, both biological and non-biological as well as ensuring the sanitation of equipment and work areas, HACCP ensures that every stopping point for meat products is 100% safe.  Artisan's Pride introduced a HACCP plan without a regulatory authority demanding it be done.  Our company has taken on this program to increase the level of safety for our customers and extended family.  HACCP ensures that our customers know that the products sold in our stores are safe and wholesome each time they purchase them. For more information on HACCP visit the USDA website here.





MicrobanUtilizing technology our company has implemented the use of Microban cutlery.  Every knife in our employees’ hands is and must always be a Microban product.  Microban is a synthetic product which prevents the reproduction of biological contaminants, reducing the chance for exposure to products and work surfaces. You can read more about Microban here.





 NSF Certified


NSFTo ensure customer safety as well as regulatory compliance, we use only NSF certified equipment. NSF certifies the safety and cleanable conditions of food service products to ensure the safety of consumers.  You can read more about NSF standards for safety and sanitation here.








For questions regarding product safety, special requests, safe handling and preparation, or further information This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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